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Introducing the new Financial System Inquiry blog

Introducing the new Financial System Inquiry blog

March 20, 2014 11:29 AM | Posted by Richard Batten, Mark Standen | Print this page

The federal government's Financial System Inquiry (FSI), chaired by ex-Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray, is the latest in a line of inquiries dating back to the Campbell Report in 1981 and the Wallis Report in 1997. These led to significant changes, including the floating of the dollar and the implementation of the current twin peaks regulatory model. The terms of reference for the FSI are broad and will require fundamental consideration of the issues and challenges facing the financial sector, both now and in the future. With only eight months to go, this will be a challenging task.

Key themes are emerging, including funding the Australia economy, the trade off between stability, efficiency and competition, the impact of technology, innovation and regulation, and our role in the Asian century.

To help you navigate the implications of these issues, Minter Ellison's Financial System Inquiry blog will be a forum for our legal experts across Australia to engage with you on the issues arising from the FSI. We will focus on the implications of the FSI for different parts of the financial sector, as well as issues having a broad impact. Along with discussing the legal issues and opportunities, we will seek to identify broader structural changes and possibilities.

Our new forum enables you to join the discussion, share content and raise new issues. It will also be a resource of important articles, speeches and links.

New posts will be made shortly and the page will be updated regularly as new information and issues come to light.

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