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FSI Interim Report: issues and outcomes

FSI Interim Report: issues and outcomes

August 22, 2014 11:07 AM | Posted by Richard Batten | Print this page

The national Financial System Inquiry continues to unfold with second round submissions due on 26 August.

You may be interested in our most recent briefing, Financial System Inquiry: Summary of issues and potential outcomes, which canvasses the issues the Inquiry has raised in its Interim Report and identifies some significant areas of potential change.

The briefing summarises the key observations and concerns of the Inquiry in each of the areas considered and identifies the potential recommendations and areas in which further information is being sought.

We have colour coded the potential recommendations based on our assessment of whether the Inquiry is likely to make the recommendation (green), where the Inquiry's position is unclear (amber) and where we believe the Inquiry is unlikely to make the particular recommendation (red).

We hope that this may assist you to finalise your submission for next week

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